Thursday, March 1, 2012

Crew (Flash Fiction)

Found on Google Images


“You’re going to what?” The captain backtracked. “Now hold up a minute here, Saunders.” She frowned. “I wasn't told anything about this. That’s my crew you’re talking about. They are honest, hard-working individuals that had nothing to do with that political-”

“Calm down! I’m not accusing them of anything, I was just suggesting that-”

“You were suggesting wrong.” The Captain glared at the reporter. “I honestly don’t care who sent you here for what, but I’ll tell you this. They are good people. They don’t deserve this.”

“Right, now, I wasn’t trying to get on your-”

“I don’t have a good side or a bad side, Miss Saunders.” Dark green eyes glittered meaningfully. “But that’s my crew. You don’t get to them, unless you go through me and I have no intention of throwing them to the dogs.”

“Now see here!” Saunders bristled. “I’m not-!”

“This interview is over.”

(C) Sara Harricharan