Thursday, March 8, 2012

Demonstration (Flash Fiction)

Found on Google Images. I own nothing.


The auditorium was buzzing with excitement, a heavy tension settling in the humid air. There were warriors in full armor walking circuits around the stands and the loud growls, screeches and cries of the chained creatures shook the ground.

“Now, listen up here, folks. I’ll begin the demonstration in just a moment, but I want to be sure that I have everyone’s attention, please!” The curly-haired brunette raised her hands. “Hello, yes, excuse me. Yes.” She nodded and waved. A great shadow fell over the entire arena and then it faded away to light once more. “Sorry about that, have to make sure the shields are in place, it wouldn't do to have this wonderful day interrupted. Now then, thank you all for coming today! As you know, this demonstration will take place in two parts.” She gestured towards one half of the arena. “This is the final stage in your coming of age ceremony and you will be judged in several categories, which will be tallied at the end and your score will determine what skill level you are awarded for your efforts.

The bell sounded.

Across the arena, several young men and women stepped into the muddy ring. The tallest young man drew a short sword and rolled to the left. The others followed suit, retrieving their gifted weapons and spreading out across the oval fighting space.

“Three, two, fight!” The woman called out.

The monsters were released and the battle began.

(c)Sara Harricharan


Joanne Sher said...

Great descriptions.