Friday, March 9, 2012

Therris of Thorton (Friday Fiction)

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Author's Ramblings: I don't really have time to write this out the way I want to, but I got started from a single snippet and couldn't resist. Therris is an adorable little MC and I just wanted to see how he grew up, so this is a bit of a character sketch. Enjoy the read!


The stern headmistress eyed the speck of rebellion over the top of her horn-rimmed glasses. “I sincerely hope you have learned your lesson, Mr. Cartwright, rest-assured, if it were not your father on the school board, you would no longer be attending this fine establishment.”

The young boy scuffed his dress shoes against the thin carpet of the headmistress’ office. He didn’t dare look up from the scuff marks to meet the furious gaze he knew was burning down at him. “Yes, ma’am.” He whispered.

“You are dismissed!” She snapped.

He swallowed the sniffle that threatened to be escape. “T-thank you.” He gingerly slid off the cushioned chair and limped towards the door with the frosted glass pane. His hand had just grasped the brass knob when he heard her speak again.

“Therris, what on earth were you thinking?”

He rubbed his nose on his shoulder. “I was thinking I wanted to make you proud, Mama.”

And then she was moving out from behind the desk and wrapping him in her warm, safe arms. He sighed, releasing the doorknob as she cuddled him close. A moment later, he felt the faint tingle of her healing energy and his body went limp her arms as the leg injury was healed, along with several other hidden injuries. He felt hot tears trickle down his face and into the crook of her elbow as she held him close and whispered soothing nonsense in his ear.


She squeezed him a little tighter than necessary.

He didn't dare complain.

"Don't you ever do that to me again, young man!"

"I know. I'm sorry, Mama."

"Sorry doesn't cut it, you could've died! Dead, Therris! Do you not understand the severity of your own actions?"

"I'm sorry!"

"You should be."She relaxed her hold, just a touch. "I was so worried, love."

He sighed.

"How did you get into Lord Ethersine's castle?"

He smiled. "That was the easy part."

"Really?"She rose, lifting him easily in her arms as she walked back to the desk and sat him on top of the cleared space. "Stand up. Let me get a good look of you."

"I'm fine." He winced, standing up. "But they got my leg good. Your first healing got all the little stuff."

She frowned. "What did they hit you with?"

"Something that hurt bad."

"Something that hurt really bad." She corrected automatically. "How bad, scale of one to ten?"


"Oh baby."She winced. "You are going to kill me before my time with your stunts like this. You're nine years old, boy!"

"I don't feel nine." He pouted.

She rapped him lightly on the knees. "Sit down, don't aggravate it."

"Will it be okay?"

Her smile was sad. "You're a dangerous little boy, Therris of Thorton." She murmured. "A simple thing like a leg injury shouldn't have any permanent effects." Her hand rested on the knee of the injured leg. "I can heal it, but you already know I can't really undo the damage."She bit her lip. "You'll have to ask Master Ciphas."

Therris winced. "I don't wanna."


"He scares me!"

"And he'll continue to do so until you both come to an understanding." She frowned. "You will be his final apprentice, you know."

"I don't want to be anybody's apprentice."

She smirked. "You sound just like your father and I'd wager he said the same thing when he was your age."She bopped him lightly on the head. "The power that runs in your veins and sings through your blood, it's a dangerous power. You have to learn to control it."

"I can control it!"

"No, you cannot." She pinned him with a look. "You're nine years old, Theri. You have a long ways to go, some people with your gift live to be hundreds of years and still they cannot control themselves!"

"But Mama-!"

"No, buts!"She pressed a finger to his lips. "If you were in control of your gifts, you would have not only gotten into the Ethersine's castle, you would've gotten out, unnoticed and unscathed!" She sighed and gathered him into her arms again, just to reassure herself. "You know the rules, Therris. If you're going to cause trouble, then don't get caught. You dragged the whole school, the entire present company of Rikens in the vicinity, twelve fully-grown and trained Riders into your little scheme. That is not something easily ignored."

Therris winced. "I guess I'd better plan it out next time, huh?"

"That would help." His mother agreed. "And when you're going to try out this next time, don't announce it to me at the breakfast table, hmm?"

(c)Sara Harricharan


Catrina Bradley said...

Even boys with special powers and an important calling still act like little boys, huh? You did a great job bringing out the characters in this short sketch.