Thursday, April 5, 2012

Exquisite (flash fiction)

Mere Yaar Ki Shaadi Hai ~ Bollywood Film. Found on Google. I own nothing.


"You my dear, are exquisite." He breathed, holding her silk-clad body a tad closer to his suited self.

"Your mouth talks before your brain can catch up." His date returned, dryly. "Try for something romantic, you dork."

"Such as?"

"I don't know. Make it up. Try a fairy, a princess--a wood nymph!"

"A wood nymph?" He stopped dancing and stared down at her. "A wood nymph, Lucy? Really?"

"Hey!" She elbowed him in the stomach. "You  made me lose count." She squinted down at her feet. "Drat. Start again."

He rolled his eyes and began to dance again. "Just try not to stomp on my feet." He suggested. "Step on them. Tread lightly. No stomping."

Lucy gave a rather inelegant snort. "Right. I'll do that when you can think of something a little more romantic than exquisite."

He snorted. "Okay, fine, my precious, rare, valuable and expensive flower." He twirled her around, expertly. "I pine for you like stars that glitter in a sky that will never be swirled with the-"

Lucy sniggered. "Shut up." She buried her face in his chest. "Shut up, you idiot. Exquisite is fine. I like exquisite." She thumped his shoulder. "You my dear," She mimicked. "Are an idiot."

"Anything you say my-"

"Don't!" She clapped a hand over his mouth and dissolved into giggles.

(c) Sara Harricharan

A/N: And no clue where this one came from. I just thought of dancing and well...exquisite. Meh.


Joanne Sher said...

hehe - cute - and fun banter. LOVE banter. And YOU :)