Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Hood (flash fiction)

Found on Google Images. I own nothing.

He hurriedly yanked the hood over his head as he ducked out from the shadows and darted across the half-light street. The cobblestones sounded hollowly beneath his feet and Derek sucked in mouthfuls of icy cold air as he dodged through the bowels of the city, clinging to the shadows and breathing in the night.

“Derek?” Shamaya’s whisper wafted through the air. “We’re over here.”

He turned towards the hiss of her voice and followed it along the wind and through the shadows to materialize beside her. “Sham.” He murmured, reaching for her.

She danced lightly out of reach. “Ah, ah. Not yet. You’ve got too many shadows around you.” She gestured to his front. “I said to collect them not play with them.”

He stared down in confusion and then realized that nearly his entire figure had been swallowed whole by the thin, wispy strips of blackness clinging to him. He snickered. “I was trying not to be seen.”

“It worked.” His girlfriend threw her messy braid of hair over one bony shoulder. “Did you pick anything up while scouting?”

“Plenty.” He began to peel the shadows off of him and toss them to the corners of the old warehouse where they could be happy and keep them safe for the time being. “There’s a new watch on tonight and they’ve added to the guard.”

“Added, again?” Shamaya bit her lip. “Heaven help us.” She murmured, tracing a cross in the air before her. “How will we get the converts out of the city?”

“The same way we got in.” Derek said, stoutly. “The shadows.” He pulled the hood off his head and Shamaya gasped.

“That–that!” She sputtered.

He smiled, serenely. “That wasn’t a hoodie after all.”

(C) Sara Harricharan

A/N: and Derek was going to be a street thug but somehow turned into a good hero smuggler dude. Go figure. LOL. ^_^