Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Pins (Flash Fiction)

Found on Google Images. I own nothing.


Pins and needles.

Needles and pins.

I’m waiting for you to make the first move. I really can’t wait. I’ve been awake all night just dreaming of the way it will happen.

How you’ll work up the nerve to look in my direction. How you’ll try not to smile as our eyes meet. How you’ll manage to somehow stand next to me at the bus stop. How you’ll fidget and smile and blush.

Then you’ll try and try and try.

You might stammer, stutter and sneeze.

But somehow, you’ll do it.

You’ll ask me.

And I’ll say yes.

Because I’d be thrilled to go with you, my prince.


“Hey Lina!”

“Bri–oh, hey Al.”

“Want to go to the dance this Friday?”


“Awesome. Pick you up at seven?”

“Seven-thirty. I have to set my hair.”


Pins and needles.

Needles and pins.

To hold together the dress I’m making to wear to the dance on Friday.

(C) Sara Harricharan


Joanne Sher said...

SO cute and fun - love the juxtaposition of the elevated thoughts and the casual dialogue. And I LOVE all the pin colors :D