Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Despite (Flash Fiction)

Found on Google Images. I own nothing. This cake inspired this ficlet snippet.


“…and so, despite all odds, ladies and gentlemen, I give to you, the first, seven-layers of heaven, dark-chocolate and buttercreme cake.”

Shona elbowed him fiercely in the side.

The young chef half-stumbled and straightened, not so stubly elbowing her back. “Pardon me, a slip of the whipped cream, I meant that it was a dark-chocolate and cream-cheese." He squinted down at the index cards in his hand. "Er, there are milk chocolate curls, shaved around the-”

Shona rolled her eyes again and this time, her physical accompaniment was masked by the thick, heavy table cloth over the presentation stand. From the immediate shift in the young chef's stance, he now favored one leg.

"On the pedestal to the left, we have a three layer fudge cake with white sugar flowers and-"

There was a discreet cough at his elbow. Shona's lips twitched faintly. The audience of assorted family members hid an assortment of snickers, chuckles and well-knowing grins.

Her student paused in mid-monologue again, this time, to give her a look of complete long-suffering. “…and despite my best efforts, it seems as if I have not done these lovely creations justice.” He intoned, dryly. “As my dear mentor and teacher, our Shona, the kitchen fairy of pastry, has deemed my description to be horribly inaccurate and-”

“-and” the renowned patisser nudged her protege out of the way, “And that is why, despite my best efforts, you have all suffered in hearing such a mismatched address.” There was a flicker of warmth in her voice and this time, when she rested a hand on his white-jacket, he didn’t shrug it off. “I suppose, I can’t help it. He’s perfect, isn’t he?”

The hall errupted in cheers.

The speech was pointless, but the result was exactly what they had desired.

Seven glorious layers of rich, thick, dark chocolate cake, with decadent frosting in voluminous swirls, topped off by metallic shimmers of chocolate curls.

And proof that the lovely affianced couple would handle the pastry shop with the charm, skill and chemistry that had put Harrowind Sweets on the map.

Sara Harricharan ^_^


Anonymous said...

Where's the chocolate?
Very good, descriptive story.