Monday, October 22, 2012

Forth (Flash Fiction)

Found on google Images. I own nothing.


Go forth and light up the world.

Set it on fire with the passion of ages.

Let it blaze and glow as it burns down walls and barriers that ought to have vanished centuries ago.

Tear off the irons and shackles of oppression and distress.

Give in.

Give in.

Show me what you are made of.

Prove that you deserve to live.

Share your soul with the same fervor in which you defy death.

Go ahead.

Go forth.

I dare you to live.

Sara Harricharan ^_^

A/N: And a context for this one, I'd think it would be something for a master to student or a feisty main character with a little bit of attitude towards an injured party in their traveling troupe, convincing them to continue on with the quest. Thanks for reading!


Joanne Sher said...

SO glad you wrote this, sweetie. And I love the imagery.