Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Barrel (Flash Fiction)


“It’s a barrel,” Tuney eyed the wooden object with ill-disguised curiosity.

“I can see that, dummy.” Rosetta rolled her eyes. She tucked a curl of dyed hair behind one bejeweled ear. “What are we supposed to do with it? How is that to supposed to help save us from the Raiders?” Even as she spoke, the teen cast a weary glance over one shoulder.

"I'm not sure." Tuney tapped it with her fingers, scraping lightly on the seasoned wood with blunt fingernails. "Uncle Mills said he'd send help, but..."

"You expect me to believe that wretched-"


"It's useless. We're going to die."

Now Tuney rolled her eyes. “We're not going to die. I'm not, at any rate. Don't know about you, unless you've decided that living is boring. Now, we have a barrel and we have a problem. Maybe it's the solution. Maybe we hide in it?”

“Are you insane? Why would anyone hide in a barrel!”

“Precisely.” The other girl said, grimly. “Shall we go, my princess?”

“…oh shut up. If I get sick from bobbing down the river in this-”

“–you will kindly hold your ‘sick’ until we are on land.” Tuney said, sweetly. “Right?”

“I hate you.”

“The feeling is entirely mutual, princess."

Sara Harricharan ^_^


Joanne Sher said...

Love the snark and the sophisticated contrast, sweet Sawa, SO glad you're FFing :)