Monday, May 6, 2013

Stories (Prompt Fiction)

A/N: Something of a ramble on the prompt of "stories" but I rather like how it turned out. So here we go! I apologize for the shortness, but I'm studying for finals and I can't spare the time to expand it by a couple thousand, hundred words. Cheers! ~S



What are stories?

The collection of blood, sweat, tears, heartache, and headache from the years before us? The speculations of years ahead of us? The reality that lies before us?


Precious things.

Dirty, dark, torrid little things.

They exist and they die, just like every legacy ever breathed upon this earth. But still, just as we continue to live and survive, they do the same.

“Tell me a story,” we say.

And someone will answer, “Once upon a time…”

Strangely enough, the best story of all time, began with the simplest of words and settings and places, saying “In the beginning…”

(c) Sara Harricharan