Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Here's to 2014

2013 has been something of a rollercoaster for me. I met some goals and missed others. Somehow I was able to keep up some of my writing through what was the busiest academic year yet. The entire experience was quite an adventure, though not one that I am keen to repeat any time soon. I would rather be more realistic this year, to pick things that suit my lifestyle and goals that I truly want to accomplish--not just borrowing words from someone else's list.

This year, I did make some memorable goals--and some good memories. I graduated with honors-a journey that took me a handful of years and perhaps more sanity than I care to admit-but it is also a time for new things, new experiences and new adventures in this coming year.

I know there are many shiny new things that come with this new year--so here are my new year wishes for all my readers, friends and family. May your 2014 be filled with magic, dreams, and the good kind of craziness that makes you smile.  I hope you read wonderful books, meet amazing new friends and travel somewhere that makes your heart sigh. I hope you have one absolutely perfect day. I hope you make so many good memories that you can't just pick one favorite. Oh, and be yourself in 2014--be creative, take pictures, sing, dance, write, paint, whatever. Do your thing. Do it proudly. And I hope, somewhere in this new year, you surprise yourself.

-Sara H. 


J.H. said...

__And Happy New Year to you Sara! Congrats on your, what, 6th Nano win?! No, I didn't participate this year, but enjoyed rooting for my favorites. And SUPER-D-DUPER Congrats on finishing school. Feels like I've been reading about your continual homework/time-management exploits for as long as I've been following you!
__I normally hate responding to fresh posts, but seeing as this is somewhat of a major life crossroad for you, it seemed appropriate to prepare some 2014 outlook inquires.

? When are we going to get that book of collected shorts by Sara Harricharan or, for that matter, any kind of teasers about upcoming publications? I think "Kimira's Eyes" was the latest thing. Hands down, your audience knows you for sheer volume of plots that come out your head! You're like O'Henry (but don't tell me you're working as a syndicated freelance writer!), personally, I think O'Harri has great ring to it. But seriously, you are so marketable; where is all this talent going?

? Liked the sense of backbone I got from the realistic goals line at the end of the first paragraph; care to share one if it's appropriate? I want to get my blog going again and have two posts up by the 31st. See, now I'm nervous. But I'm also more inspired to work harder at completing it! Through Christ we can do anything, that is, if we're serious about 'doing'.

? Last one. Thanks for the overwhelmed-with-fuzzies new year’s wishes! You said: "I hope you...travel somewhere that makes your heart sigh." I hope to make it to San Antonio for the boardwalk or Bastrop for the forest. Where do you want to go this year--two places? Hopefully, Dallas is among them.

See you next comment.

Sara Harricharan said...

Hi J.H.! How are you? I have managed to a halfway reply to your comment, no less than a dozen times--and somehow never get the chance to finish it. My apologies! The year is passing so quickly, that it seems if I wait for the time to write a proper reply, I'll never get it done! I hope you're doing well and that this year has been wonderful for you--and if not, that it improves.
2014 has been all the crazy-ness of 2013--multiplied about 10x, without the academic stress.

I have my first collected book of shorts coming out next month (August), unless the editing/rewriting is finished sooner than I expect. It will feature some of my FWC shorts, with expanded versions of all of them and a few new pieces.

Book #4 for my "Twilight Trial" series, (Trial by Earth), is coming out this month, (July), and it is in the novel category, reaching 50k words and then some. It's been 3 years in the making and I'm very proud/excited/nervous to have it so close to publication now.

My first novel, Bookstore No.15, has a tentative September/Fall release schedule, but is also in the final editing/rewriting stage, which means dates are flexible (and so is my sanity, apparently).

Haha--I think 2014 is ensuring that I grow a backbone as far as definite goals and dates are concerned. It's far too easy to just float and drift along without giving a second thought to all the time and opportunities that are drifting by.
Goals I've set: Finish TrialByEarth. Edit/Rewrite. Publish. I've managed to finish it, the edits are about complete and the publishing part is coming up on the horizon. The second goal was to get my first stand-alone novel (bookstore 15), and the third sharable writing goal was to consolidate my blogs, as having 3 of them hasn't done much more than give me a headache about what to write/update and when, so I've been shifting some of my posts over to this blog, preparing to merge them all together by the end of this month, most likely.

I hope your blogging is coming along well. I find that when I am seriously blogging, making sure I have a few backup posts and a general theme for blogging, helps me to stay on track and produce consistent content. And, of course you are absolutely correct. Through Christ we can do anything--as long as we are serious about it and willing to do it with His blessing and strength.
I'm hoping to make it to the Night of Writing Dangerously sponsored by NaNo and to the Crossroads writer conference, if they decide to go ahead and launch one this year, which was in GA, I think. I hope you made it to San Antonio.
Take care and happy writing! I'm always glad to hear from you and your writing adventures.