Saturday, March 22, 2014

Heightened (Flash Fiction)

found on Google images


Leda’s head snapped up, turning in the complete opposite direction of the Cheif’s scouts. She cocked her head to the side, heightened senses clearly picking up something that no one else could.

A feral smile played across her innocent features and red fire burned at her fingertips.

“Leda?” The Cheif ventured, cautiously.

“Found them.” She cracked her knuckles, the red flames growing larger and warmer, licking up her arms. “Orders, sir?”

The Cheif’s eyes narrowed. “Burn.” He said, coldly. “Burn them all.”

“Yes sir!” Leda said, sweetly. “In the name of the Crown, I’ll burn them to the ground.” She vaulted off her twitchy mount and her entire lower body transformed into a whirlwind of flame. She hovered before them for a second, then blurred off into the distance.

“You heard the Cheif!” The second-in-command officer barked. “About face and follow that girl!”

(c) Sara Harricharan 
Thanks for reading!