Saturday, March 22, 2014

Remember Me (Poem)

found on google images

Remember Me

I wanted to be your friend
I wanted so desperately to be your friend
I thought we were friends

You laughed
I smiled
We talked together
We wrote many words

Will you remember me?
They say you're leaving
They said it's fine
You didn't tell me
How is this okay?

Will you remember me?
I wanted to be your friend
Even before I understood you
I wanted to make you smile
Because I saw myself in you

Will you remember me?
Remember that I cared?
That I wanted to see you happy?
That I thought you were brilliant?

Please remember me
Remember the words we wrote
The memories we made
The time we shared
Remember me

You were always my friend
My shot of cheer
In the midst of the doldrums
Under the blanket of despair

You were always my friend
Please remember me
And if you need it,
If you want it,
Please, let me be your friend

Take care of yourself
Enjoy the adventures ahead
Breathe in life
And dream among the star
Remember me
The way I remember you
Because you made a difference
--To me.

(c) Sara Harricharan

A/N: This time of year brings back a lot of different memories and emotions for me, hence a stab at poetry after such a long break. Enjoy and thank you for reading.