Friday, March 7, 2014

Stubborn (Flash Fiction)


“She’s so bloody stubborn, it isn’t even funny, Matthew.” Leona shot her brother a sideways glance from beneath her golden bangs. “Do you understand what this means?”

Matthew snorted. “I’m not half as dense as you wish I was,” He drawled, moving to stand next to her as they stared down from the tower into the dirt courtyard. “It means we’re on our own for this job, doesn’t it. Too late to cancel now.”

Leona squared her shoulders, lifting her head. “We don't cancel. We've never canceled. Besides, it can’t be that hard, can it? I mean, we did stuff before she ever came along.”

“We’re stealing a ledger that should not exist, from the desk of a headmaster, who also should not exist in the heart of a school that most certainly does not-”

"Exist. Yes. I know!" Leona pinched her nose, huffing a warm breath on the cold pane of glass before her. "I'll have to think of something by dinnertime."

"Preferably before dinner, otherwise we won't have more than an hour." Matthew perked a brow. “I should also point out that you weigh a good two stone more than you did before and I, for one, still have yet to develop any magical talents.”

“Bloody stubborn girl!” Leona banged her head against their dorm window. "We're dead. So very dead."

(c) Sara H.
Thanks for reading!