Monday, May 26, 2014

Educated (Flash Fiction)

found on google images


“If you take an idiot and you-”

“Stop it, Stephen.”

“-and you teach him everything you know, all you wind up with, is a-”

“I know it already, stop!”

“-an educated idiot.”

Cassie froze in mid-step. She waited just long enough for her friend to realize he’d pushed a bit too far and then stop just out of reach of her fists. She turned around, letting her displeasure show on her face. The ridged scales along the sides of her face gave an ugly expression to her normally narrow features.

“So if I go ahead and teach you a lesson about screwing with my head when I have important real-life things to deal with, would that make you educated?”

Stephen blinked. “Er, well…”

“Or would that make you an educated idiot?” She crackled her knuckles, lowering into a crouch. her body twisted and rippled, her morphic nature asserting itself. “You can have a ten-second headstart if you think you need it.”

“I need it,” he squeaked. There was a blur of color before he took to flight in his avian form.

Cassie watched him streak away, before she shook her shoulders back and drew on the form of the lithe cat within. His endurance was a little more than hers, but she’d been practicing. He’d get tired of flying, right about the time she’d catch up to him.

A snort of amusement escaped. 'Edcuated idiot indeed.'
(c) S. Harricharan