About Sara

The official blurb reads as:
Sara is a Christian author writing both inspirational Christian Fiction and Christian Fantasy. She is a graduate of the Christian Writer's Guild and recently graduated from state university with a B.A in English. She has written over two-hundred short stories and is published in anthologies, inspirational newsletters and e-zines.
But, if you've been reading my blog for a while, then you know that I sound the same way on paper as I do in person. If you don't know who I am yet, I'm impressed. Thank you for reading anyway. If you do know who I am, then I hope I can make this interesting for you.

It seems like it would be such fun to write about myself, to whip up something wonderful and amazing, just like all those other fantastically talented bloggers out there. (I heart you guys, thanks for inspiring me!)

Sure. Brilliant idea. 

Until I sat down to write it.

'Cause when I sat down to write it, I had to think about it and when I thought about it, I realized something--I really don't like rambling on about myself--at least, not when I'm told to. So I actually tried to push this off on my problem-solving division and it kicked back a rather acceptable idea, so I scrounged around the house for a copy of Reader's Digest and figured I'd do a mini interview like the ones they have in the MiscDigest section.

So, here we go.

Sara and Pepper
Sara Harricharan is a multitasking veteran, undiscovered manicure artist, talented Indian cook, author of creative, inspirational fantasy stories and connoisseur of chocolate chip cookies. 

What she's reading: Theodore Boone from J. Grisham on my Kindle Paperwhite.

What she's plugging: Her fourth Ebook, Trial by Earth and Earthen Shadow, the free prequel.

What she's listening to: Echosmiths' "Cool Kids" , Sandra "Little Girl" and Blue Systems "Magic Symphony."

The Miracle Train Conductors!
What she's watching:  Person of Interest(TV), Hercule Poirot :The Big Four(PBS), The Great Miracle Train(Anime), and Maleficent(Movie).

Where she's surfing:  Tumblr! Check her out.

What she's doing right now: Scrambling to finish her Camp Nano 2014, Session #2 Novel. Yikes!

If she ruled the world, she would: Insist that people read books from different countries and cultures, so what they can't see for themselves, they can experience through the written word. If we all knew some of the finer points of cultural and ethnic differences, there would be far more understanding and discerning human beings on planet earth.

If she had to describe herself in two words: Quietly creative.

Thing she would never be caught without : Mint Lipbalm

Her Reader's Digest version of life and work:  Stand up, speak out, sit down shut up, learn to care and learn to bear(because the burdens we carry are not always so insignificant).

And that's me, RD style--*cheering*.

Thanks for stopping by!