Twilight Trials : Christian Fantasy Series

The Twilight are a paramilitary group split into rankings such as general recruit students, Knights, Titans, Shirrons and Guardians, before graduating to master ranks. It takes time, dedication and mastery of an element to climb these ranks and every Twilight strives to be worthy of their title and element. The Twilight are sworn to peaceful resolutions to all situations and united under a single faith, they maintain a special kind of order in the Juhl galaxy. Their recent presence on Amerinth has brought a host of new difficulties for the Twilight residing there. Follow Shatila, Layta, Marcus and Ellis as they navigate the tests and trials on the way to becoming true Twilight Masters. 


In Amerinth, Shatila is a young Twilight Knight up for promotion to the level of Twilight Titan. It is a coveted position she longs for. The only thing standing between her graduation ceremony is a few personal barriers. Can she make peace with her inner self in time to prepare and join the Titan ceremony? All seems possible until Master Dugene interrupts her meditations with one final assignment, an escort mission for a Duke? The last thing Shatila wants is to trek through the dense Amerinth jungle with a clueless noble in tow--but when she wins the mission by demonstration rights, she cannot refuse. Can this frustrated knight handle one final assignment? Or will her temper bring all her hard work crashing down?

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"Each sentence kept me in anticipation and the story delivered. Loved the suspense and vivid details of this fantasy. The only thing I didn’t like was when I turned the page and found it ended. I was thrilled to see Sara's next book Trial by Air is available!" - Rita Garcia


As a general applicant student in the paramilitary Twilight Academy, Layta's heart is set on the rank of Twilight Knight. Her dream is impossible unless someone sponsors her. Shatila Briston is the last person she'd expect to offer her that sponsorship. Layta is overjoyed to accept and receives her first assignment as a Twilight Knight. It seems simple enough, but everything is jumbled upon her arrival. It seems that anything that can go wrong, will. In the desert, on her own, with no one but herself to rely on, can Layta survive? Or will the wind finally blow her away? Book Two in the Twilight Knight series.

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Marcus Gillen is a Twilight Knight with elite Gold Clearance gifted to him since his Knightship. Twilights with Golden Queue training are taught to play a game of wits with their mission objective and Marcus is one of the best. But his latest mission has popped up at a bad time. His gift is water--a double-edged sword to an elemental bearer. It can show him the darkness in the world--and the darkness inside himself. Visiting Kainesworth on assignment opens a new set of puzzles for Marcus, including run-ins with an ancient sea serpent and one strange little girl. Digging deep into his past might provide a few answers, but in doing so, Marcus is forced to take a closer look at himself. The darkness he's fighting may be closer than he thinks. Can he win this game or will he drown trying?

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Ellis Lathmore is the youngest Twilight Guardian in fifty years and the only Earth Elemental present at the paramilitary Twilight Training Academy. Lately, his powers have been growing out of control, leaving him short-tempered and afraid to use his elemental gift. When he starts subconsciously creating earthquakes, Ellis knows something is wrong. Afraid of what could happen if he loses control, Ellis jumps at the first chance to distance himself from his troubles when a fellow Twilight turns up badly injured and missing his partner. Diving into the Amerinth jungle, Ellis is determined to bring her back--alive. Will this harried Guardian survive a tricky rescue mission?

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Releases July 24th 2014. Preorder from select retailers. 

Available through Barnes & Noble, iBooks, Kobo, Scribd and Smashwords. $2.99